Where in the World Is Carl Vinson?

Trump Administration Misplaces An Entire Aircraft Carrier Strike Group

Official U.S. Navy Page/flickr

In yet another embarrassing blunder on the world stage, Republican President Donald Trump, last week, announced that he was ordering the USS Carl Vinson to head toward North Korea.

It did not.

The Washington Post: “As tensions mounted on the Korean Peninsula, Adm. Harry Harris made a dramatic announcement: An aircraft carrier had been ordered to sail north from Singapore on April 8 toward the Western Pacific.”

“Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters on April 11 that the Carl Vinson was ‘on her way up there.’ ”

“…in an interview with Fox Business Network that aired April 12, President Trump said: ‘We are sending an armada, very powerful.'”

“Instead of steaming toward the Korea Peninsula, the carrier strike group was actually headed in the opposite direction to take part in ‘scheduled exercises with Australian forces in the Indian Ocean,’ according to Defense News, which first reported the story.”

MORE: Official: White House, Pentagon miscommunicated on aircraft carrier’s location (Source: CNN)

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