What Is Michael Cohen’s “Mystery Client” Sean Hannity Trying to Hide?

Lawyer Known Primarily For Paying Off His Client's Mistresses

Gage Skidmore/flickr

On Monday, “Michael Cohen’s infamous “mystery client” was revealed in court to be Fox News host Sean Hannity,” Uproxx reports.

“[Hannity is] attempting to claim the benefits of attorney-client privilege while also insisting that Cohen was not his attorney.”

“Needless to say, many are speculating about exactly what the Trump superfan is trying to hide.”

“Hannity could be trying to conceal a number of embarrassing matters here. The first thought on many people’s minds, of course, is that Cohen — who has operated mostly as a ‘fixer’ and dealmaker for Donald Trump — has recently grown notorious for arranging settlements for mistresses in extramarital affairs. He did so for Trump, going so far as to personally pay Stormy Daniels’ settlement, and Cohen was also recently revealed to have negotiated a $1.6 million settlement with a Playboy model on behalf of for ex-GOP fundraiser Elliot Broidy. Could Cohen have negotiated such a deal for Hannity, who is due to celebrate his silver (25th) anniversary this year with wife Jill Rhodes?”



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