U.S. Senate Used As Props In White House Photo Op

Con Man-in-Chief Strikes Again


Republican President Donald Trump baited almost the entirety of the United States Senate into joining him in a desperate publicity stunt on the eve of the 100 day mark of his administration.

CNN: “Nearly every member of the world’s greatest deliberative body piling onto buses to take the mile-long ride to the White House on Wednesday afternoon was the definition of a made-for-TV moment.”

“Ostensibly the reason for the trip was a classified briefing on the growing threat posed by North Korea and its quest for nuclear weapons.”

“We learned nothing you couldn’t read in the newspaper,” Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley.

“The fact that the White House was cagey on whether Trump would even be at the meeting … further reinforces the message that Trump is the main actor in this drama while the senators are minor players.”

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