Trump’s Trade Tantrums Start To Backfire

Harley-Davidson Uses Tax Cut To Buy Back Stock And Outsource American Jobs

CBS News: “President Donald Trump not long ago held up Harley-Davidson as everything that was right about American manufacturing. Now, Mr. Trump can only see red when he talks about the motorcycle company.

The 180-degree-spinout on Harley-Davidson comes after the motorcycle maker said it’s shifting some production outside the U.S. The company said the move was in response to a brewing trade war sparked by Mr. Trump’s decision to slap tariffs on some European products, which prompted the EU to add its own tariffs — including higher duties on Harley-Davidson vehicles that will add an estimated $2,200 to the price of a motorbike.”

MORE: Harley-Davidson’s Announcement Shows the Folly of Trump’s Trade War (Source: The New Yorker)

UPDATE: The first layoffs from Trump’s tariffs are here ( Source: The Washington Post)


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