Trump’s Confusion on DACA Concerns Insiders

Evan Guest/flickr

The New York Times: “President Trump on Tuesday ordered an end to the Obama-era program that shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation, calling it an ‘amnesty-first approach’ and urging Congress to pass a replacement before he begins phasing out its protections in six months.”

“Protests broke out in front of the White House and the Justice Department and in cities across the country soon after [the] announcement.”

“Just hours after the angry reaction to Mr. Trump’s decision, the president appeared to have second thoughts. In a late-evening tweet, Mr. Trump specifically called on Congress to ‘legalize DACA,’ something his administration’s officials had declined to do earlier in the day.”

“The blame-averse president told a confidante over the past few days that he realized that he had gotten himself into a politically untenable position. As late as one hour before the decision was to be announced, administration officials privately expressed concern that Mr. Trump might not fully grasp the details of the steps he was about to take, and when he discovered their full impact, would change his mind.”

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