Trump’s Cabinet Sucking Up to Special Interests In Secret

The Merging of State and Business Leadership Continues

Wikimedia Commons

Politico: “The Cabinet members carrying out President Donald Trump’s orders to shake up the federal government are doing so under an unusual layer of secrecy — often shielding their schedules from public view, keeping their travels under wraps and refusing to identify the people and groups they’re meeting.”

“Government watchdog groups and activists who closely follow the departments’ policies say the secrecy is more than just a Trumpian swipe at political enemies and a meddlesome news media: It’s an attempt, they say, to conceal the special access that some powerful interests have gotten in shaping policies that directly affect them.”

“When public officials resist public disclosure of what they do, people should be skeptical of what they’re trying to hide,” said Austin Evers, of the watchdog group American Oversight.

“This information clampdown is occurring with little oversight by Trump’s White House, which said only that agencies should follow the law when it comes to deciding what information to release.”

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