Trump Wants to Give Asbestos Another Chance

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Vox: Asbestos “has a champion in the White House, and at least one (Russian) producer is quite pleased with what President Trump is aiming to do for asbestos.

Trump’s EPA is weighing a proposal, called a ‘significant new use rule.’ or SNUR, that would add new scrutiny and restrictions to some asbestos products. But anti-asbestos campaigners warn that it may leave the door open to new asbestos-containing items entering the US market.”
“… A Russian asbestos producer, is treating the new proposal as a win. The company in June posted photos on Facebook of pallets stacked with asbestos and stamped with President Trump’s image.”

“And Trump himself seems to be a fan of asbestos. He tweeted in 2012 that the World Trade Center would not have burned down in the 9/11 attacks if it had had asbestos insulation.”

“The Washington Post noted that he wrote that anti-asbestos efforts were ‘led by the mob’ in his 1997 book, The Art of the Comeback.