Trump’s New Budget Proposal Puts His Supporters In the Crosshairs

So Much For 'Populism'

Michael Candelori/flickr

Bloomberg: “President Donald Trump made an impassioned plea for support from minority voters during his election campaign by asking them, ‘What do you have to lose?'”

“On Tuesday, they got an answer, as did many of the rural, poor and working-class voters who propelled him into office. In his fiscal 2018 budget proposal, Trump asked Congress for $3.6 trillion in spending cuts that would mean steep reductions in food stamps, Medicaid health insurance payments, disability benefits, low-income housing assistance and block grants that fund meals-on-wheels for the elderly.”

Said Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, “We are no longer going to measure compassion by the number of programs and the amount spent on those programs.”

“Trump’s fiscal plan reaches deeply into programs relied on by many of his core supporters, including cuts of $610 billion from Medicaid alongside alongside $250 billion savings from repealing Obamacare, $193 billion from food stamps and $72 billion in Social Security’s Supplemental Security Income program, which provide cash benefits for the poor and disabled.”

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