Trump Nixes WH Statement on John McCain’s Passing, Opts For Generic Tweet Instead

Salon: “When it comes to honoring the recently deceased Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., President Donald Trump and his media allies are doing the barest minimum they can get away with.

For one thing, Trump is reported to have axed the idea of releasing an official statement from the White House honoring McCain’s life and legacy, according to The Washington Post.”

“… The president insisted instead on a brief tweet that didn’t specifically praise McCain but offered generic condolences to his family members.”

“The Trump White House also showed disrespect toward McCain in another way: The American flag is back at full staff atop the White House flagpole, even though flags traditionally remain at half-staff through the day of interment.”

MORE: ‘Why won’t you say anything about John McCain?’: Trump ignores reporter 10 times when asked about the late senator he feuded with (Source: Business Insider)



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