Trump Moves to Smother Obama-era Coal Pollution Standards

Senor Codo/flickr

CBS News: “The Trump administration has proposed a major rollback in Obama-era restrictions on climate-changing emissions from coal-fired power plants. The plan announced Tuesday gives the states more discretion in choosing how to regulate pollution from the plants.”

“The move targets a major climate change effort of the Obama administration, which sought to reduce release of climate-changing emissions and other pollutants from the coal-fired power plants.”

“Combined with a planned rollback of car-mileage standards, the plan represents a significant retreat from Obama-era efforts to fight climate change and would reverse an Obama-era push to shift away from coal and toward less-polluting energy sources such as natural gas, wind and solar power. Trump has already vowed to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement as he pushes to revive the coal industry.”

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