Trump Misleads Public for 41 Days Over Imaginary Comey “Tapes”

Empty Threat Backfires "Bigly"

Wikimedia Commons

David Frum: “President Trump tweeted a warning to James Comey: The fired FBI director had better hope that no ‘tapes’ existed that could contradict his account of what happened between the two men. Trump has now confessed that he had no basis for this warning. There were no such tapes, and the president knew it all along.”

“The tweet was intended to intimidate. It failed, spectacularly: Instead of silencing Comey, it set in motion the special counsel investigation that now haunts Donald Trump’s waking imagination.”

“Trump showed the whole world that when he sweats, he panics. That’s a lesson that will be remembered by the planet’s bad actors for however long this president holds office.”

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