Trump Makes Migrant Issue Worse By Cutting Aid To Central American Countries

NPR: “President Trump’s call to cut aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is raising concerns among lawmakers and national security and development experts, who say cutting aid will exacerbate the migrant crisis that is already crippling U.S. resources at the Southern border.”

“Aid to Central America greatly increased under the Obama administration to promote economic prosperity and reduce violence in the region, with the idea being that achieving those two goals would mean fewer people would need to flee to the United States.”

“Much of the appropriated funding isn’t sent directly to governments. Instead, it is sent to nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations that are working to deal with the root causes of migration, according to NPR international correspondent Carrie Kahn, who’s based in Mexico City. The funds have supported efforts such as strengthening police forces, border security and judicial systems, as well as gang prevention and food security programs.”