Trump Lies. Again. Disrespects Gold Star Families. Again.

Repeats False Criticism of Obama, Uses John Kelly's Deceased Son As Political Cover

“President Donald Trump on Tuesday seemed to double down on his claim that President Barack Obama didn’t call the families of American service members killed in combat, known as Gold Star families,” Business Insider reports.

‘”You can ask General Kelly. Did he get a call from Obama?’ Trump told Fox News Radio host Brian Kilmeade during an interview, presumably referring to White House chief of staff John Kelly’s son who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010.”

“Trump first suggested during a press conference on Monday that Obama did not call Gold Star families when he was president. Trump was responding to a reporter who asked about the four American soldiers killed in a raid in Niger earlier this month.”

“Numerous Obama administration officials condemned Trump’s comments, insisting on social media that Obama had called and met with the families of fallen service members.”

“Obama hosted a White House breakfast on Memorial Day in 2011 for Gold Star families. A source familiar with the breakfast told Business Insider that Kelly was seated at the table with first lady Michelle Obama.”

“Some on the right who said Obama didn’t have the stomach for war criticized him when he took pains to honor wounded or fallen service members and their families as president.”

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