Trump Invites Putin to White House; Republicans See No Cause For Alarm

The Guardian: “Donald Trump began the week facing accusations of treason over his embrace of Vladimir Putin. He ended it with a middle finger to his many critics by inviting the Russian autocrat to the White House.

The defiant gesture illustrated Trump’s confidence that he had weathered yet another political storm. While opponents had briefly hoped that what they saw as his disastrous showing alongside Putin in Helsinki would be the breaking point for his presidency, for American conservatives it appears to be business as usual.”

New York Magazine: “Republican leaders are doubtless hoping they can escape repercussions from the first summit because GOP voters don’t seem to care about what Trump did or said, while other voters (who have a much dimmer view of the bizarre affair) will perhaps forget about it. That won’t be possible if Trump insists on a sequel. The president’s whole consistently disturbing midsummer mystery tour to Europe never made much political sense given the timing. Bringing his global disruptions back home, particularly in the form of Vladimir Putin himself, is beyond baffling.”