Trump in Full Panic Mode As Mueller Closes In

Blames Everyone BUT Russia For His Problems In Out-of-Control Tweet Storm

This weekend, Republican President Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter at anything that moved, trying to divert attention away from the ever-tightening noose of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation.

The Atlantic: “Over a series of tweets, Trump attacked the FBI; politicized the Parkland shooting for his own vindication; suggested collusion was no big deal; blamed Obama for the collusion; and said the real collusion involved Hillary Clinton. He undermined his national-security adviser; lied about denying that Russia meddled in the election; and finished with an appeal to numbers, citing an infamously unreliable pollster.”

It is telling that , with America is under attack, the President of the United States has said and done nothing to punish Russia for interference that is ongoing.