Trump Hangs An Ally Out to Dry

For South Korea, the Hits Just Keep On Coming

South Korean Flag

NY Times: “When news broke less than two weeks ago that the Trump administration was sending the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson to the Korean Peninsula, many South Koreans…cheered for Washington, calling the deployment a powerful symbol of its commitment to deterring the North.”

“On Wednesday, after it was revealed that the carrier strike group was actually thousands of miles away and had been heading in the opposite direction, toward the Indian Ocean, South Koreans felt bewildered, cheated and manipulated by the United States, their country’s most important ally.”

“Compounding their anger over the Carl Vinson episode, many South Koreans were also riled at Mr. Trump for his assertion in a Wall Street Journal interview last week that the Korean Peninsula ‘used to be a part of China.'”

Amid all this saber rattling and uncertainty, Trump still has not named an ambassador to South Korea.

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