Trump Floats Rudy Giuliani As Possible A.G. Replacement

Still Maneuvering to Head Off Russia Investigation

Insomnia Cured Here/flickr

Business Insider: “President Donald Trump is reportedly thinking about bringing former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on as his Attorney General, White House sources told Axios on Monday.”

“Axios’ Mike Allen wrote that Trump ‘has recently pondered the idea of nominating Giuliani’ for the job currently held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

If Sessions is fired or resigns, and Trump does decide to nominate Giuliani, the former mayor and federal prosecutor could have a tough time reaching the needed 50 votes in a Senate confirmation hearing, considering his work for foreign governments, stop-and-frisk police policies, and extremely close ties to Trump from the campaign.”

“Trump’s views on his attorney general have soured in the months since Sessions decided it was best to recuse himself from any investigations involving the Trump campaign, which he was closely associated with. That includes all of the Russia-related investigations, which special counsel Robert Mueller is overseeing. “