Trump Flips Again, Moves to the Left of Obama On Guns

"Take the guns first, go through due process second."

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Leaving a trail of stunned lawmakers in his wake, Republican president Donald Trump “called for a ‘beautiful’ bill that would expand background checks on gun buyers, prevent mentally ill people from accessing firearms, and restrict teenagers from buying assault weapons,” Independent reports.

“The 71-year-old’s comments in the hour-long televised meeting with politicians put him at odds with the National Rifle Association (NRA), the gun lobbying organisation which made record contributions to his 2016 presidential campaign.”

“If he succeeds in doing everything he talked about in the meeting, he will far surpass Barack Obama as an enemy of the Second Amendment,” said Michael Hammond, lawyer for Gun Owners of America.

“The President also rejected a proposed law change being pushed by House Republicans that would see a person with permission to carry concealed weapons in one state allowed to do so in any other.”

“Strong leaders do not automatically agree with the last thing that was said to them,” said Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) “We’re not ditching any constitutional protections simply because the last person the President talked to today doesn’t like them.”

Trump had previously suggested confiscating weapons from people prior to due process, saying “Take the guns first, go through due process second.”


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