Trump Calls American Justice System “A Joke”

Following Tuesday’s terror attack in New York that killed 8 people – and the arrest of the suspect –  Republican President Donald Trump called the American justice system a “joke” and a “laughingstock.”

Jennifer Rubin: “Just how harmful were Trump’s statements? It is reprehensible for the president to defame our justice system, which is not a ‘joke’ nor a ‘laughingstock’ but the envy of the world. Moreover, in the terrorist context, it has proved remarkably efficient in trying and convicting terrorists, and then handing out maximum punishments.”

“When Trump pops off about the defects of our justice system with no understanding of what he is saying, he underscores his unfitness and undermines one of the great jewels of American democracy, the court system. For Trump to slander the courts as a ‘joke’ gives aid and comfort to our enemies (both terrorists and thug-ocracies such as Russia).”


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