Trump Blows Up Iran Nuclear Deal, Further Isolates U.S.

Rolling Stone: “President Trump has been criticized for lacking even a shred of cohesion in his decision making, but there has been one unifying theme over his first 15 months in office: torching the legacy of Barack Obama. The latest of his predecessor’s accomplishments set for incineration is the Iran deal, which Trump announced plans to abandon today.”

“This leaves the United States with no agreement, and leaves the rest of the world – the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, and China all signed onto the deal, as well – fearing the worst.”

“‘We would open the Pandora’s box,’ French President Emmanuel Macron recently told German paper Der Spiegel of the impact of the U.S. pulling out of the deal. ‘There could be war.'”

“Here are three immediate takeaways from Trump’s decision today…

1.  Iran is now free to build a nuclear bomb…

2. Trump’s decision will likely alienate allies…

3. The abandonment may hinder an impending deal with North Korea”

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