Ties to Russia Force Flynn to Resign

Trumps 'Russia Problem' Persists

Jacqui Brown/flickr

Republican President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has resigned “because of his contacts with the Russian ambassador to Washington and his subsequent attempts to cover up the true nature of those contacts,” The Guardian reports.

“The question of the true nature of the relationship between the president and Putin – who Trump once claimed to have met and later denied knowing – hung over his campaign and now looms over his presidency.”

“Trump may think Flynn is the sacrificial lamb, but the reality is that he is the first domino,” said former NSA lawyer Susan Hennessey.

“…investigations appear to be continuing but within the hostile environment of an executive controlled from the Trump White House. However, intelligence officials have now signalled that they are prepared to leak aggressively if they feel they are being muzzled.”