The Trump Effect

Despite Big Ticket Failures, President's Policies Begin to Chip Away at Society

Wikimedia Commons

“Even without delivering on his biggest campaign promises, President Donald Trump has begun to reshape American life in ways big and small,” Reuters reports.

“Trump has rolled back or delayed Obama-era rules and regulations that protected retirement savings from unscrupulous financial advisers, made it harder for companies that violated labor laws to land federal contracts and restricted what internet service providers could do with their customers’ personal data.”

“‘Where Trump has had success in changing the rules of the road it has been used against the very people who helped elect him,’ said Ben Olinsky, vice president for policy and strategy at the liberal Center for American Progress.”

“Over his first nine months, Trump has used an aggressive series of regulatory rollbacks, executive orders and changes in enforcement guidelines to rewrite the rules for industries from energy to airlines, and on issues from campus sexual assault to anti-discrimination protections for transgender students.”

“The Trump administration has withdrawn or delayed more than 800 Obama-era regulatory actions in its first six months.”

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