The Many Lies of Brett Kavanaugh

Boston Globe: “Before the latest explosive development in his nomination process, Brett Kavanaugh already had a track record for telling little lies.”

“During the ongoing confirmation hearing process, Kavanaugh told senators he considers Roe v. Wade settled law. But in e-mails he wrote during the Bush administration, Kavanaugh left the door open to reaching the opposite conclusion. In other words, what he wanted the public to know about his thinking as he underwent Supreme Court vetting was different from his private legal analysis. During previous judicial confirmation hearings, Kavanaugh also said ‘no’ when asked if he received documents stolen from the Senate Judiciary Committee. But based on e-mails provided to Congress, Kavanaugh did see the stolen documents.”

“The Kavanaugh apple doesn’t fall far from the Trump tree. He’s absolutely a Trump kind of guy — a confirmed truth-trimmer who, once he makes it to the Supreme Court, is prepared to cast a vote against women’s rights.”

“Kavanaugh’s denials, so far, are meaningless and echo the Trump playbook.”

MORE: If Kavanaugh’s accuser is lying, why is she the one asking for a thorough investigation? (Source: Chicago Tribune)

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