The Art of the FAIL: Trump Unable to Get His Healthcare Bill Past His Own Majority

Rolling Stone: “It’s hard to overstate the magnitude of this defeat. For seven years, almost to the day, the Republican Party has made repealing Obamacare the white whale of its legislative agenda. That hunt ended Friday – the whale in clear sight – without launching a single harpoon.”

“The House was supposed to vote Friday afternoon to advance Trumpcare to the Senate – where its fate was dodgy at best. Instead, at a bit after 3:30, Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump pulled the bill.”

“The first presentation of Trumpcare couldn’t pass, because it was insufficiently hard-hearted for the far-right members of the Freedom Caucus. But as Trump and Ryan kept tweaking the bill to appease those hardliners… the bill lost supporters at the center.”

“Trump had made the House legislation his own from the beginning, calling it ‘our wonderful new health care bill.’ And he put his storied reputation as a dealmaker on the line… But throughout the negotiations, the president displayed a stunning lack of interest for the underlying policy, and an artless hand in trying to strike a deal.”

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