The Anti-Obama: Trump Tries to Kill Fuel Efficiency Standards AND Affordable Healthcare “US President Donald Trump’s administration announced plans on Thursday to roll back Obama-era fuel efficiency standards, sparking a fight with California and other states that favor more aggressive environmental policies.”

“‘California will fight this stupidity in every conceivable way possible,’ California Governor Jerry Brown said on Twitter.”

“The Obama rules were intended to ensure progress made during the Democrat’s presidency would extend beyond it. Automakers over the last decade have employed lighter materials and tweaked vehicle design to boost fuel efficiency, changes that have improved mileage on even the biggest US gas guzzlers.”

Politico: The “administration’s latest threat to the [Affordable Care Act], unveiled Wednesday, expands the availability of short-term health plans that critics deride as ‘junk’ insurance. However, despite the administration’s unrelenting efforts to sideline Obamacare, more insurers are signing up to sell 2019 coverage, and premium increases will be the lowest in years.”

“Public support for Obamacare has skyrocketed since congressional Republicans made ill-fated repeal attempts last year.”

“Still, there are no signs the Trump administration’s latest move would scare any insurers away from the Affordable Care Act markets. Obamacare enrollment among subsidized customers is actually up by 6 percent this year, demonstrating the strength of the health care law’s financial assistance.”

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