Times Like These

February 19, 2017 theFAULT 0

Ron Rosenbaum, author of Explaining Hitler, in an article for Los Angeles Review of Books, writes about the parallels between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, and their treatment of the media: “There is, of course, no comparison […]


Trump Tweet Trashes Constitution

February 18, 2017 theFAULT 0

Lashing out at the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, Republican President Donald Trump tweeted the following: The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it […]


Is Our ‘Reichstag Fire’ Moment Nigh?

February 9, 2017 theFAULT 0

Paul Waldman: “In February 1933, an arsonist set fire to the Reichstag, the German parliament building. When a young communist was arrested for the crime, Adolf Hitler, who had become chancellor one month before, declared […]


The Most Dangerous Man in America

February 8, 2017 theFAULT 0

Republican President Donald Trump’s chief advisor, white nationalist sympathizer Steve Bannon, is now in a position to wreak havoc on “the institutions of democracy” according to Spiegel. “I’m a Leninist… I want to bring everything […]