Secretary of State Tillerson Fired By Tweet, To Be Replaced By Trump ‘Yes Man’ Mike Pompeo

'Torture Queen' To Take Over As Head Of C.I.A.

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“President Trump announced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired on Tuesday morning in a tweet that followed a year of frequent tension between the two leaders,” NPR reports.

“Trump said he is nominating CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Tillerson’s replacement, which requires confirmation by the Senate.”

“The secretary did not speak to the president this morning and is unaware of the reason,” said said Undersecretary of State Steve Goldstein.

“Later Tuesday, Goldstein was also fired.”

“Trump has named Gina Haspel, Pompeo’s former deputy and a CIA veteran, to take the helm of the spy agency.”

“Haspel did not require Senate confirmation to serve in her deputy role but will to serve as the full-fledged director of the agency. Her hearing could exhume many CIA demons about the torture of terror suspects and the secret detention program that followed the 2001 terror attack.”

The Nation: “Pompeo’s pattern of deference to his political benefactors is likely to make him a better fit with a self-absorbed president. He will also bring to the position an edge that Tillerson lacked. Pompeo is a foreign-policy hawk who fiercely opposed the Iran nuclear deal, stoked fears about Muslims in the United States and abroad, opposed closing the Guantánamo Bay detention camp, and defended the National Security Agency’s unconstitutional surveillance programs as ‘good and important work.'”

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