Robert Mueller And SDNY Drop Hammer On Trump. Hard.

James Ledbetter/flickr

Elie Honig: “President Trump and his allies have long rallied around the defiant battle cry that special counsel Robert Mueller is conducting a ‘witch hunt’ that has uncovered ‘no collusion‘ with Russia. But public filings by Mueller and the Southern District of New York over the past two weeks have changed the game. We still do not know everything Mueller knows, but the contours of a broad scheme by the administration to conspire with Russia — to the personal benefit of Trump and the detriment of the United States — are now coming into sharper focus.”

“Even before the recent spate of court filings, Mueller had generated impressive results. He has indicted over 30 people, including teams of Russian social media manipulators and intelligence agency hackers, and he has convicted Trump’s former campaign chair (Manafort), national security adviser (Michael Flynn), personal attorney (Michael Cohen) and other campaign advisers (Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos) of federal crimes. Even if Mueller’s investigation had ended two weeks ago, it would have uncovered historically significant corruption at the highest levels of politics and government.”

MORE: What we now know about Trump and Russia (Source: Axios)

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