Republicans Pull Off Biggest Heist in History

GOP Gleefully Celebrates the Breaking of America

USA Today: “President Trump enthusiastically declared victory on Wednesday after Republicans in Congress passed a massive tax bill that will affect almost every American household, handing him the first major legislative achievement of his 11-month-old presidency.”

“Trump had been pushing Republicans hard to pass the tax bill before the end of the year. Having failed to repeal and replace President Obama’s health care law, Trump invited Republicans over to the White House to trumpet the passage of the tax bill.”

“According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center… the plan is projected to add more than $1 trillion to the national debt over the next decade.”

“There is significant skepticism among Democrats that U.S. corporations, already flush with cash, will reinvest the money instead of using it to buy back shares to drive up stock prices.”

“Democrats are also pointing to promises by Republicans to proceed with major cuts to U.S. safety net programs in the new year.”

Trump also “noted that the tax bill includes a provision allowing oil drilling in the Alaskan wilderness,” as well as “one key health care provision: Eliminating the individual mandate that requires Americans to purchase some form of health insurance.”

“The Congressional Budget Office says the change will lead to 13 million fewer people having health insurance 10 years from now.”

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