Republicans Continue to Bumble Their Way Through ‘Repeal & Replace’

Seven Years of Bluster Now a Whimper

Insomnia Cured Here/flickr

CNN  “Six months and change after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Senate Republicans were finally successful Tuesday afternoon in kicking off consideration of a House-approved bill to overhaul the Affordable Care Act. But the tension that permeated before and after the nail-biter vote was a far cry from the almost joyful manner in which Republicans have campaigned on their promise to gut Obamacare for years. ”

“On Tuesday night, senators cast their second vote of the day on a previous Senate proposal known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act… it failed easily, with only 43 GOP senators backing it.”

“And that is only the tip of the iceberg. After what can be 20 hours of debate, senators will then enter “vote-a-rama,” which allows any senator to introduce any amendment they want. That process can go on for as long as members can stand it.”

“The floor of the Senate is about to get very interesting.”