Republicans Broke Obamacare, Then Blamed it for Breaking

Poison Pill Forced Insurers to Raise Premiums

Michael Vadon/flickr

ANGRY BEAR: “In the first three years of the PPACA [Obamacare], a Risk Corridor Program was established to help insurers get past the initial loss phases…. Due to eliminating all ‘pre-existing conditions,’… this was the protection for companies and the incentive to take on the people with health issues. Not only did it help Insurers cover their losses; but, it was an incentive for insurers not to increase premiums.”

However, in an effort to scuttle Obamacare, Republicans passed a series of “laws forcing the Risk Corridor Program to be budget neutral leaving 12.6% of the necessary funds available to make insurance companies whole. As many probably know, the shortfall of funding already forced many CO-OPs to go bankrupt and resulted in Healthcare Insurance companies pulling out of the Exchanges.”

“All of this was an effort to deny the PPACA an opportunity to be successful by a Republican Congress who would deny its constituents healthcare just to get even with a President they did not like and deny him a legacy.”


UPDATE: How Republicans Quietly Sabotaged Obamacare Long Before Trump Came into Office (Source: Alternet)

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