Report: Trump’s Entire Career One Long Financial Con

NY Times Exposes President As A Lying, Tax Cheating Daddy's Boy

Wikimedia Commons

USA Today: “A bombshell report Tuesday pulled back the curtain on¬†President Donald Trump’s mythos as a self-made billionaire, discovering a dubious trail of complex tax evasion by which Fred Trump funneled at least $413 million in today’s dollars to his son, ‘including instances of outright fraud,’ the New York Times found.

And that ‘small loan of a million dollars’ that Trump claims his dad gave him to launch his business empire? It was closer to $61 million, the Times found, or at least $140 million in today’s dollars. That’s one of several jaw-dropping findings in the report, and now the New York Department of Taxation is ‘vigorously pursuing’ a review of the Trumps’ activities.”

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