‘Real Live Experiment’ in Reaganism Nearly Destroys Kansas

Koch Brothers' Personal Petri Dish Tanks State's Economy

John S Quarterman/flickr

According to Mother Jones,”Shortly after he became governor of Kansas in 2011, Sam Brownback went to work on rewriting the state’s tax code. Together with the Republican-dominated legislature, he eliminated the top income tax bracket, lowered everyone else’s income tax rate, and created a loophole that allowed some business owners to pay no state income taxes at all.”

“But instead of the miracle growth that Brownback promised, the tax cuts have left a widening crater in the state budget. State economic growth has lagged behind the national pace, and job growth has stagnated.”

The Atlantic: Brownback’s tax plan “was a ‘real live experiment’ in conservative fiscal policy—the kind small-government Republicans in Washington had dreamed about but had never fully implemented.”

“With encouragement from Trump, Republicans in Congress are drafting the most far-reaching tax reform in 30 years, built around cutting rates for individuals and businesses.”

“Economists say the plan would explode a deficit that’s already trending back up toward $1 trillion.”


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