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What's the Opposite of Leadership?

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Republican President Donald Trump is blaming his predecessor for a deadly chemical attack in Syria (despite the fact that Trump was vehemently against taking action against the Assad regime at the time, and that Obama had asked the Republican-controlled Congress for authorization to take military action and was met by the sound of crickets). This is the continuation of an unmistakable pattern of  Trump passing the buck on almost every problem of note that has arisen during his administration.

Dana Milbank: “Problems are piling up quickly, and Trump is pointing his finger everywhere but inward.”

Trump “blamed the failure of the GOP health-care bill on Democrats, moderate Republicans, conservative Republicans in the House Freedom Caucus, the Heritage Foundation, the Club for Growth and, indirectly, Paul Ryan.”

“He blamed Obama for a nonexistent wiretap of Trump Tower. His aides blamed British intelligence for being involved. Trump then blamed Fox News for falsely implicating the British.”

“Trump blamed his staff for giving him bad information when he falsely claimed that he had the largest electoral victory since Ronald Reagan.”

The rest of the extensive list can be found here: Personal irresponsibility: A concise history of Trump’s buck-passing (Source: The Washington Post)

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