Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality At Risk – Again

January 26, 2017 theFAULT 0

“The warning bell for net neutrality rang Monday when President Donald Trump designated Ajit Pai, a Republican member of the FCC and a net-neutrality critic, to be the agency’s new chairman,” The Chicago Tribune reports. […]

Trump Lies

Donald’s Show, Your Dough

January 25, 2017 theFAULT 0

In a stunning break from his signature campaign promise to make Mexico pay for a border wall, Republican President Donald Trump today signed an executive order directing Congress to find domestic funding for the estimated […]


Trump’s One-Two Punch to Planet Earth

January 24, 2017 theFAULT 0

According to The Hill, “President Trump on Tuesday moved two controversial pipeline projects forward by signing a pair of executive actions that could speed up approval of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access projects.” “The actions are […]

Trump Lies

A Lie By Any Other Name

January 23, 2017 theFAULT 0

The Guardian: “Rattled by the country’s biggest political demonstrations since the Vietnam war, Trump and his aides spent an extraordinary first weekend in office falsely claiming that record numbers of people had attended his swearing-in […]