Post Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican Migration Threatens to Turn Florida Blue

Al Muya/flickr

CNN: “In the wish lists of Democratic strategists, one imagines the arrival of tens of thousands of Democratic-leaning voters to Florida, seemingly overnight, ranks pretty high.”

“Two months after Hurricane Maria made landfall on the island, new data suggests that’s exactly what’s happened.”
“Several news articles show that already more than 150,000 people have moved to Florida from Puerto Rico.”
“Migration at this level will mean Republicans face an even harsher demographic shift in a state already trending away from them.”
“‘It’s a little more headwind for Republicans who were already grappling with an increasingly Democratic population,’ said Rob Griffin, director of quantitative analysis at the Center for American Progress and contributor to the States of Change project.”
“President Trump won Florida by just more than 100,000 votes. President George W. Bush, of course, won Florida in a contest with the margin of the vote so slim the result went to the Supreme Court.”

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