Meet the New Czar

Trump Taps His Son-In-Law to Fix, Well, Everything

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“Jared Kushner’s surprise visit to Iraq yesterday, breaking with Pentagon safety protocol by being announced before he’d even landed and usurping a job traditionally performed by the secretary of state, was further proof of his outsized role in his father-in-law’s White House,” New Republic reports.

Kushner, 36, who has no government experience, has been tasked with improving relations with China, Canada and Mexico, solving Middle East peace, improving the V.A., ending the opioid epidemic and reforming government, among other things.

Daniel Drezner, a political scientist at the Fletcher School and Washington Post contributor said on CNN, “His one qualification is that he married well.” 

“Other observers consider Kushner’s vast power not only absurd, but terrifying.”

The Washington Post: “Thomas Mann, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, compared the Trump-Kushner dynamic to ‘a mob family operation.’ Said Mann, ‘It’s as if Trump is the don and he only trusts his close family members.’ ”

“…Kushner’s outsize role has led to larger-than-life sniping and resentments, with rivals whispering that he has little depth and lacks the self-awareness to know what he doesn’t know…”

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