McConnell Keeps His Powder Dry After Trump Attack

Wikimedia Commons

As Republican President Donald Trump continues to flame-out geopolitically, his domestic deficiencies are refusing to take a back seat. An escalating, and virtually one-sided, war of words with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has left lawmakers shaking their heads.

Dan Balz: “After an ambiguous comment Thursday that left open whether he thinks McConnell should step down as leader, Trump resumed the attacks with more tweeting on Friday morning, making clear he thinks the strategy is working well.”

“That McConnell has become a target for criticism is an unexpected and possibly destructive turn in Trump’s presidency.”

“In a Trump-McConnell faceoff, lawmakers will side with the majority leader. When the president needs Republicans to take difficult votes on his behalf in the future, some may think twice. For some time, it has been apparent that members of Congress do not fear the president.”

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