Live On ‘Fox & Friends’, Trump Admits Role In Stormy Daniels “Deal”

Seth Anderson/flickr

Tina Nguyen: “In what is surely a first for a news network, the hosts of Donald Trump’s favorite variety show, Fox & Friends, hurriedly ended an interview with the president Thursday morning as Trump began ranting about Robert Mueller and threatening to seize control of the Justice Department.”

“By impugning the F.B.I. and threatening to intervene at the Justice Department, Trump may have just given his adversaries more legal ammunition. He may also have undermined his case in more roundabout ways: at another point, he referred to his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen as having done a ‘tiny, tiny little fraction of my legal work’—an apparent attempt to distance himself from Cohen, who he admitted represented him in ‘this crazy Stormy Daniels deal.’ Michael Avenatti, Daniels’s lawyer, immediately called the admission a ‘gift from the heavens’ and ‘hugely damaging’: not only did Trump’s statement suggest he was aware that Cohen had paid hush money to Daniels, it also undercut Cohen’s argument that his communications with Trump, recently seized by the F.B.I., are protected by attorney-client privilege.”

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