Lawlessness and Disorder: Trump Pardons Arpaio

Disgraced Ex-Sheriff Was Still Awaiting Sentencing For July Criminal Contempt Conviction


“President Trump issued an executive pardon Friday to Joe Arpaio, the controversial former Arizona sheriff who was a hero to the right and a national nemesis of Latinos, immigration advocates and civil rights groups,” the L.A. Times reports.

“Arpaio, 85, was convicted in July of criminal contempt for violating a federal court order to stop racially profiling Latinos. He was scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 5 and faced a maximum of six months in jail.”

“He should be held accountable. No one is above the law,” tweeted U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz. “Arpaio hurt Arizonans & cost taxpayers a great amount of grief & money.”

“During his trial, Arpaio was found guilty of ignoring a federal court’s order to cease patrols that racially profiled Latinos and stopped them on suspicion they were in the country illegally.”

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