Kim Jong Un Plays Trump Like a Fiddle

President Sells Out Strategic Ally South Korea For Photo-Op With Brutal Dictator

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CNN: “Kim Jong Un couldn’t have scripted his Singapore sojourn any better himself. As he toured the streets on a night-time walkabout and posed for selfies with the Singaporean foreign minister, he was treated more like a rock star than a pariah autocrat.”

“But the real reward was five hours with US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, when the two leaders signed a document that essentially reiterated promises North Korea has already made, extracted no new or concrete concessions to demonstrate Pyongyang was committed to denuclearization, and further, spoke of ‘security assurances’ the dictator had long sought from the United States.”

“But perhaps the most stunning moment of the summit came after Kim had left the summit venue. In a freewheeling press conference lasting more than an hour, Trump was pressed by reporters to elaborate on the security guarantees he could provide to North Korea. In response, Trump pointed to the presence of nearly 30,000 US troops in South Korea, something that has long irked not only North Korea, but also its biggest backer: China.”

Said Trump, “I want to get our soldiers out. I want to bring our soldiers back home.” 

“And to the apparent surprise of South Korea, Trump promised to halt what he called ‘the war games’ — joint military exercises with South Korea — that North Korea has long regarded as a provocation. They were expensive, inappropriate — and ‘provocative,’ he said.”

“For Kim Jong Un, this momentous day was one for North Korea’s history books that won’t require exaggeration.”

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