Kennedy Retirement Cedes Supreme Court To Conservatives For A Generation

Court's Hard Right Shift Could Be Trump's Most Lasting Legacy


“Anthony Kennedy, the longest-serving member of the Supreme Court, is retiring,” Vox reports.

“With Kennedy gone, the Court’s decisions on issues where he’s a down-the-line conservative — like campaign finance and corruption, most business regulation and voting cases, gun rights, religious liberty, etc. — likely won’t change.”

“What will change are rulings on issues where Kennedy has helped maintain a shaky 5-4 center-left consensus.”

“An America after Anthony Kennedy looks significantly different from America before. The movement against mass incarceration could run into unprecedented resistance from the Court, and the anti-abortion movement could notch its greatest victories in a half-century.”

“This Supreme Court vacancy will give Donald Trump the power to shift jurisprudence on a range of critical issues. It could wind up being the most important part of his legacy.”

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