Republicans Reluctantly Extend Kavanaugh Roller Coaster Another Week

NPR: “Everything was on track. The show was out of the way. It was time to vote.

That’s what Republican leadership and those supporting Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court thought — until Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake upended those plans, calling for a ‘short pause’ for a limited, one-week FBI investigation.

By day’s end, the White House had acceded and asked for an investigation, too.”

“Republicans are putting everything in place for a vote late next week on Kavanaugh’s nomination. But at what cost?”

“In a year when women, especially Democratic women, are fired up to vote and wanting to send a message to President Trump, who has been accused of sexual assault or misconduct by at least 22 women, Republicans are taking a gamble that Kavanaugh’s confirmation won’t hurt them at the polls in November’s midterm elections.”

“The hearings Thursday featured a ‘terrified’ and, even as Republicans including the president said, ‘credible’ Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Kavanaugh of a sexual assault while in high school decades ago — an allegation the federal appeals court judge has vehemently denied.”

“Kavanaugh then emerged — emotional, angry, defiant and partisan. … It was the most partisan performance by a Supreme Court nominee in history.”

“Thursday’s hearing bruised a nation. It represented something of a de-evolution — of an institution in the Senate that has been progressively moving in this direction and of American politics itself, something few thought could get even worse.”



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