Kavanaugh Accuser Calls Grassley’s Bluff

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CNN: “Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of a past sexual assault, accepted the request to speak to the panel next week about the alleged incident, her lawyers told Senate Judiciary Committee staff on Saturday.

‘Dr. Ford accepts the Committee’s request to provide her first-hand knowledge of Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct next week,’ Debra Katz and Lisa Banks, attorneys representing Ford, wrote in a message to the committee.”

“The committee earlier Friday had set a deadline of 5 p.m. ET for Ford to decide, later extending that to 10 p.m. In response, Debra Katz, who is representing Ford, wrote in a letter to the committee that its ‘cavalier treatment of a sexual assault survivor who has been doing her best to cooperate with the Committee is completely inappropriate.’

“Calling the deadline arbitrary, Katz wrote in a letter that ‘our modest request is that she be given an additional day to make her decision.’

“Had Ford’s lawyers not responded to the proposal or if Ford decided not to testify by the deadline, Grassley said, the committee would vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination Monday.”

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