Jerry Falwell, Jr to Head Education Panel

Republican President Donald Trump’s first choice as Education Secretary, Evangelical Christian leader Jerry Falwell Jr, has been tapped to head a panel on higher education reform.

The Washington Post reports: “After the election, Falwell said that he had discussions with Trump about the job of education secretary. The nomination ultimately went to Betsy DeVos, a billionaire from Michigan who supports charter schools and taxpayer-funded vouchers to help pay for private school.”

Jerry Falwell, Jr: “There’s too much intrusion into the operation of universities and colleges. I’ve got a whole list of concerns. It mainly has to do with deregulation.”

“There is significant support among college and university presidents for deregulation, in general. Many chafed at the Obama administration’s efforts to increase federal oversight of higher education in various matters, ranging from how schools respond to sexual violence reports to how they prepare graduates for gainful employment with minimal debt burdens.”

UPDATE: Falwell Higher Ed Task Force Won’t Happen  (Source: Inside Higher Ed)

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