Trump: “It’s working out very nicely”

As Protests Rage, and His Own Team Flails, Trump Remains Unaware

Photo by Daniel Arauz

“Mr Trump’s Friday afternoon executive order reportedly was crafted without consulting legal aides and enacted over the objection of homeland security officials,” according to BBC.

“While on the campaign trail, it was easy for Mr Trump to roundly decry the US immigration system as broken and make a general call for bans and moratoriums. As president, however, his team has had to fill in the details – and it seems they faced some difficulty translating his pre-election rhetoric into policy.”

“This made for an awkward scene Saturday night at a New York courthouse, where government attorneys had to defend measures that were creating chaos at airports across the nation.”

“… this has proven to be an embarrassing episode in what looks like a not-ready-for-primetime White House.”

“While championing US security is usually a winning issue, protracted detention of children and the elderly at airport checkpoints is ‘bad optics’, as they say.”


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