It’s Official: America No Longer A World Leader

Another Trump-fueled Embarassment For The Ages On The World Stage

“GOP strategist Steve Schmidt railed against President Donald Trump‘s actions at the G7 summit, berating everything from his behavior to his appearance,” Mediaite reports.

“[Schmidt’s] fiery statements add to mounting criticisms of Trump for his controversial actions during the summit, which include refusing to sign a statement agreed upon by the leaders, then skipping out of the meetings before they had even ended.”

CNN: “Ironically, it appears increasingly as though Trump is more comfortable and less threatened when dealing with autocrats or dictators: Welcome Putin back to the G-8; jet halfway around the world to spend some quality time with Kim Jong Un, a leader ruthless to all, even his own family.”

“The question, which must remain unanswered, is whether this weekend has left America a step closer to embracing or professing preference for autocracy itself. Certainly, with Trump leaving an empty chair Saturday afternoon as the G-7 discussed climate change, sustainable energy and renewable fuels, America has abdicated its onetime leadership position on these critical issues.”

The realization has finally dawned that Donald Trump does not respond to rhetoric or reason — or to anyone ganging up on him.”

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