Interior Secretary Has Secret Plan to Destroy Public Lands


Jay Michaelson: “After weeks of speculation, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke finally told President Trump which protected public lands he wants to open up to mining, logging, and drilling. But he won’t tell us.”

“The action marks yet another new low in the Trump administration’s secretive anti-environmental policies, which largely have been crafted behind closed doors and without the usual input from scientists and public-health experts.”

“At issue are about 12 million acres of national monument lands, mostly designated by Presidents Obama and Clinton. National monuments are public lands protected from development pursuant to the Antiquities Act of 1906, which empowers presidents to set aside public lands around objects of historical import.”

“Twenty-seven such monuments were under review, including 12 million acres of land and more than 200 million acres in undersea monuments designated by Obama.”

“Meanwhile, you can bet that the newly open areas of the monuments just happen to coincide with where the oil, timber, and other industries want to drill and log. (And fish, in the case of the undersea areas.) Of course, you can’t know for sure, because no one’s revealing the details.”


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