In Dead of Night, Senate Republicans Vote to Add Over $1 Trillion to Deficit

Trump's Tax Plan Largest Transfer of Wealth In Country's History

CNN: “While you were sleeping, Senate Republicans passed President Donald Trump’s tax plan. And, in so doing, they gambled the entire 2018 election on it.”

“The vote — 51 to 49 — was a party line one. (Tennessee GOP Sen. Bob Corker was the only rebel, voting ‘no’ due to his unhappiness with the $1 trillion the bill is predicted to add to the deficit.)”
“Democrats viewed the bill as a giveaway to big corporations and a tax increase on lots and lots of Americans. And because of the unpopularity of both the bill and Trump, they felt very little political pressure to get on board — or even feint at the idea that they might.”
“…The public doesn’t like [the bill] much. A majority (52%) in a Quinnipiac University poll conducted in the middle of November disapproved of the plan, while just 25% approved. More than six in 10 surveyed said that wealthy people would benefit most from the tax plan while less than one in five (16%) said it will reduce their taxes. Other polls on the tax legislation show similar results.”
“What Republicans passed in the wee hours of Saturday morning then was this: An unpopular bill that will add to the deficit and not pay for itself.”

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