Impromptu NY Times Interview Exposes “Incoherent, Delusional” Trump

The President Is Deeply Disturbed

Ezra Klein: “The president of the United States is not well. That is an uncomfortable thing to say, but it is an even worse thing to ignore.”

“Consider the interview Trump gave to the New York Times on Thursday. It begins with a string of falsehoods that make it difficult to tell whether the leader of the free world is lying or delusional.”

“This is the president of the United States speaking to the New York Times. His comments are, by turns, incoherent, incorrect, conspiratorial, delusional, self-aggrandizing, and underinformed.”

The New York Times: “President Trump, in an impromptu interview on Thursday with The New York Times, rattled off at least 10 false or misleading claims about the Russia investigation, wars abroad, health care, immigration and trade. Here’s an assessment.”

“He inaccurately said the claims against Paul Manafort occurred ‘many years ago before I ever heard of him.’

He misrepresented what a senator has said about the Russia investigation.

He falsely claimed the Democrats ‘made the Russian story up as a hoax, as a ruse, as an excuse for losing an election.’

He claimed to have “saved coal,” contrary to trends reported by the government.

He overstated his influence on the special Senate election in Alabama.

He gave a premature estimate of the cost of the wars in the Middle East.

He falsely claimed to have ‘essentially gutted and ended Obamacare.’

With no evidence, he accused other countries of sending their “worst people” through the diversity visa lottery.

He exaggerated the trade deficit with other countries.

He exaggerated the number of followers he has on social media.”

Ezra Klein: “…It is plainly obvious from Trump’s words that this is not a man fit to be president, that he is not well or capable in some fundamental way.”

UPDATE: White House aides reportedly blindsided by ’embarrassing’ Trump interview (Source: Business Insider)

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